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Social responsibility

All of us here at Hotel Presidente are dedicated to making the world around us a better place – for ourselves and for future generations. That’s why we’re passionate about environmental sustainability and good manufacturing practices. We’re also committed to social responsibility, through awareness, activism, and volunteerism.

Learn more about the causes that matter to us – and how we’re making a difference, both in San José and beyond.

Dormitorio Municipal

Dormitorio Municipal is a shelter where women and men living in the streets of San José can rest, enjoy a warm meal, get clean, and regain the confidence and dignity to boost themselves up!

  • Run by a local foundation, this shelter provides homeless men and women with so much more than simply a place to sleep. It’s a place where people can recover their self-esteem, and learn skills that will help them get back on their feet and become self-sufficient.

  • Members of our staff visit the dormitory frequently to volunteer, serving meals and providing other services where necessary.

  • Hotel Presidente offers a “Dollar for Dollar” program, in which we match every dollar that our guests donate to the shelter – thus doubling our positive impact.

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ASONI: After School Program

These after school centers in high-risk neighborhoods are safe places where kids can learn, play, snack, nap and simply be kids – so that moms can have peace of mind at work.

  • ASONI is not a charity per se; it’s a project that enables at-risk children to have a safe place to play while their mothers work. ASONI’s goal is to foster independence and to provide families with the help they need to succeed.

  • Hotel Presidente has instituted a “Dollar for Dollar” program with ASONI, in which we match every dollar that our guests donate, in order to maximize our impact.

  • We visit the children frequently, especially on special occasions including birthdays. These visits are among the most fulfilling aspects of our staff’s jobs.

  • Hotel Presidente buys clay piggy banks and supplies and brings them to the center for the children to paint; we then sell these piggy banks here at the hotel and give 100 percent of the proceeds to the center.

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4-Leaf Certificate of Tourism Sustainability

Hotel Presidente is the proud recipient of a “4 leaf” rating by the Costa Rican Tourist Board’s Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program. This program recognizes tourism organizations that are dedicated to environmental, social and cultural resources.

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An organization dedicated to appreciating and preserving the natural beauty of trees – and to strengthening our connection to them (and thus, to ourselves).

  • Our relationship with Árboles Mágicos is our most recent social responsibility initiative. This organization offers everything from guided tours to events and performances, celebrating the importance of trees as an integral part of our culture.

  • Hotel Presidente sells the beautiful picture books edited by Árboles Mágicos, with astonishing images from the renowned nature photographers Juan José, Sergio and Giancarlo Pucci –a great gift or keepsake of your Costa Rican travels. All the proceeds from the sales go toward the organization.

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