Since 1963

“We have believed in this city.
We have seen it grow and thrive.
We have walked its streets and avenues.
We have sat in their parks and haunt their markets.
We have wandered their neighborhoods, name by name…
Amón, Otoya, Luján, Escalante, Los Yoses, Don Bosco.
We have been in every iconic event and watched presidents parade.
We have been for many years in “ la Esquina De Monumental”
And although many have forgotten, we have always been here…
Visiting her museums, wandering her stores, enjoying her theaters.
We have always been here, in the center of her rebirth,
Residents and visitors of a city that never went out.
Because we have never stop seeing San Jose as the jewel that it has always been.
From the gentlest man to the fairest lady, this has always been our home. “