Costa Rica Eco Tourism at Hotel Presidente

With a passion for the people, communities and the nature of Costa Rica, Hotel Presidente is faithfully committed to responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism - from earth-friendly environmental practices to the health of San Jose's communities. Our philosophy and leadership of social and environmental responsibility runs deep and is fundamental to our hospitality and service.

Hotel Presidente is a pioneer in the national strategy for climate change. The hotel earned 4 stars from the Costa Rican National Tourism Board, as well as receiving a Sustainable Tourism Certificate for efforts in sustainable tourism and innovative projects that positively impact environmental conservation, climate change, and social solidarity. In harmony with our natural environment and social development of Costa Rica, we have adopted a corporate culture that promotes environmental conservation, and eco-tourism and sustainable adventure for our people and planet.
San Jose Sustainable Environmental Tourism

Sustainable Environmental Tourism -

Recipient of the "Business Social Responsibility Award" for 2008, awarded by the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce, Hotel Presidente is committed to the philosophy and practice of responsible and sustainable tourism in our community and country. Our team is active in conserving and preserving the natural and ecological environment that surrounds us and the people who share it. Through environmental awareness initiatives and the sustainable use and management of natural resources, we hope to combat pollution, climate change and deterioration of our environment.

In alliance with local and global projects, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment, and instill a passion for the conservation of natural resources and heritage in employees and guests. Our spirit of sustainable tourism, corporate responsibility and environmental advocacy helps us connect with our community, industry and country. Our path of social and environment change is inherent in everything we do!

Eco-Friendly Hotel Practices In Costa Rica -

To ensure a harmony between Costa Rica's natural and economic development, Hotel Presidente is dedicated to eco-friendly tourism in daily operations. Our concept of sustainability includes the management and reduction of resources that affect climate change and emission of greenhouse gases and the recovery of local culture. Sustainable tourism practices have resulted in a positive impact on conservation of the environment. As a symbol of these efforts, Hotel President received the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism. By reducing and recycling waste, rationing resources, and mitigating greenhouse gases, we help keep our city and planet in balance. We strive to promote Costa Rica as a green tourist destination that protects the environment and
local cultures.

Hotel Presidente

  • Encourages employees & comunity to engage in sustainable hotel practices
  • Partners with suppliers and manufacturers in environmental and social responsibility
  • Reduce solid waste through composting
  • Implements internal recycling programs (paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, soaps, Oil for biodisel production)
  • Uses biodegradable cleaning products
  • Reduces energy and water resources usage
  • Controls of emissions of greenhouse gases into the environment to lower our carbon footprint via
  • Purchases local hotel decorations
  • Implements quality control of wastewater
San Jose Costa Rica Project Q-DRA

Project Q-DRA - Leadership in Sustainable Tourism -

In its united efforts to improve the environment and image of San Jose, Hotel Presidente created and instituted the Q-DRA project, which identifies and provides sustainability solutions to preserve and beautify the city's environment. Forming alliances with local businesses, shops and merchants, the hotel has implemented environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling and waste management, that minimize environmental impact and contribute to the beautification of
the capital.

Serving as a role model for neighboring merchant, the hotel has developed eco-friendly practices to beautify city blocks so that tourists and locals can enjoy a cleaner urban landscape. The hotel has mobilized 40 businesses that are partners of Q-dra and join efforts to improve the environment of San Jose through recycling campaigns and solid waste management. The Q-dra symbolizes our commitment and leadership to environmental protection and sustainable tourism.

As part of this community clean-up project, every two months our hotel's Green Brigade collects waste and debris, including bottles, cans, and plastic, on the streets of downtown San Jose. Employees stepped in to improve our city's health and appearance and to reduce waste that contributes to environmental degradation. If you are interested in joining our Green efforts, email us at

Corporate Social Responsibility & Volunteering -

The path of Corporate Social Responsibility gives the team at Hotel Presidente a sense of belonging and responsibility to the people of San Jose. Committed to responsible and sustainable tourism in our community and country, the hotel has concentrated its actions and resources to city development, environmental conservation, and the future of children. Through motivation and awareness, employees are encouraged to participate in projects that support sustainability, social responsibility and environmental impact during their workday. Partnerships and projects include the protection of children, donating medical equipment for Children's Hospital, sponsorship of national athletes for Special Olympics, combating the sexual exploitation of children, participating in festivals and recreational activities, and environmental programs including recycling, using biodegradable products and lowering water and energy consumption.

Quality of Life & Good Manufacturing Practices -

Through strict quality control with the hotel and externally with our food suppliers, the hotel ensures that all food and beverage consumed by our guests is free of pollutants and contaminants. Our food services suppliers are on-board with our efforts and demand the same quality from their own purveyors.
San Jose Costa Rica ASONI

ASONI (Association for Children's Smile) -

Our alliance with ASONI focuses on organizing volunteer and special activates aimed at children that live in high social risk communities of San Jose. The program gives children the opportunity to experience holistic development, through psychological, educational and religious support. The process distances them from social problems such as drug addiction, prostitution and delinquency, which aids in reducing school dropouts in high-risk zones of the capital. Activities include donating school supplies, real estate and equipment to schools. ASONI is a foster house that encourages volunteer participation of our employees on recreational activities that seek integral development of children.

San Jose Costa Rica Protection of Children

Protection of Children and Adolescents Against Sexual Exploitation -

In an alliance with Paniamor, Hotel Presidente is dedicated to improving the quality of children and their fundamental rights. Hotel Presidente supports the World Tourism Organization's (WTO) Code of Conduct to eradicate commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents associated with travel and tourism. Hotel President is attached to the strategy of Costa Rica's responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism. Within the framework of corporate social responsibility, Hotel President is active in encouraging employees, customers and suppliers to help create healthy families and community conditions. Hotel Presidente does not welcome guests that seek for prostitution.

Project $1 Per $ 1 -

Hotel Presidente will match each visitors' monetary contribution per stay to help fund projects to educate, prevent violence and protect the rights and equalities of children and adolescents so the country can grow and succeed. If you are interested in contributing and/or learning more, email us at
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